Our Commitment

All our products are handcrafted, natural & sustainable.

Our wood is handpicked from source to ensure that the pieces with the best potential are chosen. Using this reclaimed wood reduces wastage & cutting of trees.

We procure and work with only safe pine wood. Our pine wood, at source, is not chemically treated. Only eco-friendly water based PU is used to stain & coat our pieces.

Pine is one of the fastest growing woods and the cultivated forests are replanted when the wood is harvested. Pine wood is naturally rot resistant, weather resistant and termite resistant. However, the wood ages faster due to interaction with the UV rays from sun. It takes on a darker hue on exposure to elements (without compromising the structural integrity). As a result, some of the polish may fade, which can be easily redone at home.

Since a second everlasting life is given to the wood used in all our products, it is a great way to contribute positively to the environment.

Sometimes you may notice following on our wood:

    1. Small nail holes: These are from the pallets that they were recovered from. We ensure that the holes are minimal and do not affect the structure of the resulting end furniture
    2. Knot holes: These are nothing but the holes that arise naturally in pine due to lateral branch growth. The world over, this is considered as a desired quality in wood, as it imparts the wood a distinct character that MDF or ply board furniture lacks.

We are putting together all our efforts to upcycle/recycle yet only virgin textile waste is used in all our products.

We are committed to create and source products that are crafted in ways that cause less harm to the environment and reduce our carbon footprint. We believe in fair trade practices.